What people are saying

I just wanted to say thank you so much for opening yourself up to us today. You really opened my eyes to true forgiveness and Im so appreciative of that. – MOPS Mom

Kristen P.

Thank you for coming and sharing yourself with our MOPS group! Your story would certainly make others feel vulnerable to judgement and those negative things that we do, too often, to others. Thank you for taking that leap and trusting us to not judge but to meet you halfway to understand your journey. I hope that your story will help us all listen to and try to understand others as well. Thank you for being a strong, confident woman!

Jaclyn B.

Karla Swanigan Ministries, your images and messages are soothing to my soul. I want to put your messages on automatic “sharing” on my Facebook feed. Be encouraged you are delivering God’s Word, with a soft tender touch (yet boldness) all wrapped up in beautiful images…. extremely relevant for a world that desperately thirsts for this. Thank you, thank you!!!!!

Kathy C.

Karla moves and lives in His great love and grace! She speaks in His tenderness and in the same breath, His amazing power!

Annie Ford

Karla Swanigan is truly a gift to the body of Christ. Her transparency is refreshing. She speaks from the depth of a life that has been transformed by Christ. It is evident that her relationship with Him is more important than anything. And that love for God ministers life to women. As a speaker myself at one of her events, I could see that God had given her such a love and compassion for these women and for seeing them set free. I highly recommend Karla for your next event. She is the real deal.

Celeste Barnard , Speaker & Author