Check out some of Karla’s recent messages here, as well as links to her blog, youtube channel, and the KSM Podcast.

A clip from one of Karla’s recent messages about the “Scandalous Grace” of Jesus

KSM Podcast

The KSM podcast is now Scandalous Grace with Karla Swanigan, an audio mix of devotionals, teachings, and encouragements from Karla Swanigan. Check out the podcast page here for info and recent episodes.


You can watch all of Karla’s videos, including devotionals, messages, and quick encouragements, on our KSM YouTube Channel.

Video Devotional Series

You can watch the FAITH Devotional Video Series HERE


To see posts from Karla, head over to our blog

A clip from a recent message Karla preached on coming out of hiding and into destiny. Darling Retreat August 2017 – Vail, CO

Scandalous Grace with Karla Swanigan is a weekly radio program. This show is “Dirty Little Secrets: Silencing the Voice of Guilt and Shame

“Becoming an Atmosphere Changer”

Pastor Karla Swanigan with Pastor Paula Clodfelder

At The Rock Church in Castle Rock, CO.